Terms and Conditions

laosflower.com undertakes to provide its best efforts so that the delivered product corresponds to the maximum, both in terms of the characteristics of the flowers used and in terms of visual appearance, descriptions, photographs and illustrations on the site. Nevertheless, photographs, illustrations and site descriptions and texts are not contractual.

Thus, the product delivered is by nature composed of plants and flowers from the natural environment, the appearance of which can vary significantly from product to product, may have differences in features and appearance. Similarly, the number of plants and flowers component products may be slightly different photographs and illustrations displayed on the site due to seasonal price fluctuations except for floral products where the exact number and specificity of flowers is an essential condition for buying and where these have been specified when ordering.

In case laosflower.com would not be able, for whatever reason, to deliver a like or similar to that featured on the site, except for minimal or insignificant differences, then you laosflower.com will notify by any means as soon as possible and in any case before the date and time of delivery, and you'll have the ability to change or cancel your order.

Flowers are a natural product. The daily freshness of our offer is particularly evident in the fact that not all types of flowers are always available in our quality standards, so we can not always guarantee to supply all kinds of flowers. We are, however, endeavored to provide the best possible similarity to the bouquet samples presented in our offer, which are always seasonal, but can not rule out the fact that a bouquet in Natura actually looks different from the one pictured Is. Not only the variations typical of a seasonal and natural product in the types of flowers used for the specific bouquets but also in the same species deviations in size, color and appearance are affected. A deviation of the actual delivered ostrich from the depicted sample in the sense described here therefore constitutes a fulfillment of the contract and does not constitute any warranty claims.

Order can be canceled if the order is not prepared or settled off. Otherwise cancellation is not possible. Address and delivery time changes must be notified at least 3 hours before the time of delivery. Your flower girl to perform faster and more convenient delivery, complete the order form and the places to which must be filled in full. Address the deficiencies and mistakes, will lead to the disruption of delivery, it should be noted. It is appropriate to specify the description information as possible.